Alpha Ball

Alpha Ball 1.4

Classic bouncing brick breaker ball arcade type game in 3D

Alpha Ball is a 3D remake of Arkanoid, the classic arcade game from the 80’s. Anyone who has ever played videogames during the 80’s should remember the addictive effect a simple bouncing ball intended to break a set of bricks could have on a player.

With modern technology, the creators of Alpha Ball decided to bring you all the fun of the original bouncy ball, but now in 3D. Alpha Ball features a set of 100 levels to unlock by playing, which can later be randomly accessed.

Just like in the original 80’s arcade game, as you destroy the bricks you get bonuses and power-ups for your bouncing ball. This platform will make this game even more addictive because it includes bombs, ball enlargement, guns, rockets and sudden death, among others.

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